The History of Royal Jordanian Airlines

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The History of Royal Jordanian Airlines

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When Jordan attained its independence in 1946, it sought to increase its identity by Bahrain Phone Numbers List establishing its own airline, which took form on January 1 of that year as Arab Airways. Inaugurating service to Bahrain Phone Numbers List Beirut, it spread its wings to Baghdad and Cairo by August of 1947, and British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) became its principle investor. Evolving into Arab Airways Jerusalem, Limited, six years later, it operated a fleet of twin-engine de Havilland Rapides from Jerusalem itself to Beirut and Cairo, but eventually added Aden, Amman, Baghdad, and Jeddah. It was not the region's only carrier, Bahrain Phone Numbers List however.

Air Jordan, established in 1950 by H. Bahrain Phone Numbers List E. Ismail Bilbeisi Fasha, had itself commenced service from Amman with Airspeed Consuls, but a 1953 cash infusion by Trans Ocean Airlines, a non-scheduled carrier that operated charter and contract flights, enabled it to modernize its fleet Bahrain Phone Numbers List with 21-passenger Douglas DC-3s. These ultimately connected Amman with Kabul via Kuwait and Kandahar. Vying for much of the same passenger base, but facing competition from other Middle Eastern airlines, they elected to merge and form Air Jordan of the Bahrain Phone Numbers List Holy Land.

Initially operating two Convair CV-240s leased from Bahrain Phone Numbers List Trans Ocean, it purchased a DC-4 in 1960, with which it was able to serve longer routes, such as those to Rome from its Amman hub. Despite the promise this larger, quad-engine aircraft offered, the fledgling airline was forced to cease operations on September 1 of the following year when its license was canceled. Only a month Bahrain Phone Numbers List elapsed before a successor was established-in this case, Jordan Airways, which was jointly owned by private interests (40 percent), the Jordanian government (25 percent), and Middle Eastern Airlines (also 25 percent), the latter of which provided it with three Bahrain Phone Numbers List leased, turboprop-powered Vickers V.700

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