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Faz aqui uma breve apresentação ao restante Clube sobre a tua pessoa. Diz-nos por exemplo, o teu Nome, Idade, de Onde és, que Carros tens, os teus Interesses... Etc.!

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Buy SWTOR Credits in the most legal way at

Mensagempor clairerr » segunda nov 29, 2021 2:51 am

Recently, a live broadcast hosted by community manager Jackie Ko and creative director Charles Boyd focused on the story of the Legacy of the Sith 7.0 expansion pack. They introduced some new locations that players will explore. The new expansion also includes the return of some characters and some new characters. The most exciting thing is that Legacy of the Sith will be launched on December 14. So, for some players who want to develop quickly in the game, they must prepare SWTOR Credits in advance.

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