Entrepreneurs, build your India Phone Number List action plan with Arnaud Cielle.

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Entrepreneurs, build your India Phone Number List action plan with Arnaud Cielle.

Mensagempor suklarani » quinta dez 30, 2021 4:30 am

When you are doing a India Phone Number List activity, let alone as an independent contractor , building a solid business plan is a necessity. While this tool is a real reference for large companies, it is sometimes the subject of less rigorous preparation by more isolated entrepreneurs . However, the quality and completeness of this India Phone Number List document are decisive in achieving your business goals. On the occasion of an interview given during the Salon SME (ex Salon des micro-entreprises) 2012 , Arnaud Cielle , Managing Partner of the CA + agency, gives us the recipe for an effective and well-constructed India Phone Number List action plan .

He breaks this recipe down into 3 essential ingredients. The first, he tells us, is the dream. Indeed, when we build a PAC, we must start by planning, by dreaming of our ideal future as an entrepreneur .
This posture and this approach are decisive according to Arnaud Cielle , since they give an axis and consistency to the project. It is thus necessary to cultivate this vision, which acts as a mental force allowing us to overcome trials and failures. In this perspective, the dream and the projection are essential bases for the implementation of the India Phone Number List action plan.

Arnaud Cielle then explains to us that after having dreamed, we must move on to the concrete, to the conversion of an ideal into a series of concrete objectives. He thus affirms that "a good entrepreneur must have his head in the stars and his feet in the clay", an eloquent maxim which expresses well this duality between the ideal and the reality on the ground. This second step therefore consists in transforming a turnover objective, into a much more concrete figure, such as the number of prospects you must meet each week to reach your annual objective.

Finally, the third ingredient in the recipe is choice, explains Arnaud Cielle . The choice of method, tools, organization, but also and above all the number of meetings you need to close a sale. He explains to us that, contrary to the intuition that we might have, it is up to the entrepreneur to choose and determine, a priori, the number of meetings he needs to go to the end. of a sale. The latter must therefore adopt a deterministic logic and not be carried away by the diversity and relativity of its customers. In short, it is a question of fixing a method and a program which will be common to your various interlocutors. For Arnaud Cielle , the India Phone Number List action plan therefore embodies a guide, a methodology but above all a necessity. As such, he explains that an entrepreneur who neglects the construction of his India Phone Number List action plan would be no different from a boat captain who neglects the preparation of his ship and hi s trip. To find out more, discover the entire interview with Arnaud Cielle at the Salon SME (ex Salon des micro-entreprises) 2012 :

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